Colors of Culture – Carnival

Carnival colors are some of the most vibrant and visually stimulating things you can see. This year in Toronto was no exception. It’s like taking a trip to a beach, in the middle of the Caribbean, and letting yourself be washed over with sun. Really picture yourself, the fresh smell of coconut, salty ocean air, the breeze hitting the nape of your neck. Romantic, isn’t it? The next best thing is to be in the middle of Carnival. That heat radiating from the mass of people, the sun on your head and the thunderous sound of the speakers blaring with Soca. All the while gawking at the rainbow of colored feathers, glitter and paint splashed in every crevice of the parade. You could just as easily be an onlooker, off on the sidelines… but that’s not really living is it? Throw yourself at the mercy of the people, envelop yourself in the moment, let the colors paint a story in your mind. It’s the next best thing to the beach, well, at least I think so.

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Neil Watson

Editor At Large