Invest In: Deji George

A story of one’s pursuit of a life long goal, or a tale of failure leading to ultimate success. These are the things we share with you, our readers. Not just the pocket square or the tie etc. etc. but the person behind it. The why, when, where and most importantly the HOW. So that you may be inspired, and push past hardship and succeed. This is the life of Tolani Tubi, the creator of Deji George, an eponymous label created out of a want for something more.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the brand.

My name is Tolani Tubi. The name Deji George came from my middle name which is Ayodeji and my Dad’s first name which is George. I am a Bespoke tailoring consultant based in London. I am from Nigeria but i moved to Ireland when i was 16 and then came to the UK for university where I studied economics. After University I decided to pursue my passion for menswear. The Idea of Deji George started when I struggled to find unique mens accessories that told a story, so I decided to put my own spin on it reflective of my own personal culture combined with western influences i am inspired by.

What are some influences behind the brand?  

The biggest influences on the brand are global art and culture. Inspiration generally comes from anywhere but I would always relate them to those two things. My design aesthetic is to create pieces that the right balance of colour and print that keep the design clean, minimal and refined.

The Bali mask is a piece that really stands out. How did that come about?

The idea of the mask pins came about when I was designing my first collection. The collection was inspired by tribal masking ceremonies and the significant meaning they hold. I wanted the mask pins to be an extension of that story. The Bali mask pin in particular originates from the Western grasslands of Cameroon and it is seen as a sign of wealth and prestige. I would like to believe that the Bali mask pin carries the same significance for its wearer.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.