Dining in London: Hawksmoor Air Street

London, Hawksmoor Air Street

The premier eatery of London Town’s West End, Hawksmoor’s Air Street restaurant finds itself amidst the heart of Picadilly, overlooking the famous Regents Street through half-moon windows. Here’s how your evening will go down. You enter through Air Street and are taken up a black marbled staircase into the bar for drinks before you dine. You order yourself a Silver Bullet (the favourite cocktail of our Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phllip), and a Grapefruit Picador for your lady. Unlike most of London’s establishments, your waiter will be dressed in his own, casual clothes as he leads you to your table and aids your choice of wine. Your three courses will comprise of the finest city dining has to offer, offering not only London’s best steaks, but also her best lobsters – a combination which one would struggle to match in any city of the world. The bill comes. You pay. Leaving your booth in the arm of your lady you take a walk through London’s early evening atmospheric peace to your hotel room. Hawksmoor did not disappoint.

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Tom W. Ayling

London Editor for A&H, Tom Ayling studies Literature in the ancient Scottish town of St Andrews and blogs on The Holy Trillity.