Born as an idea to create a new kind of online fashion experience, David Caplan and David Gross created Dolbeau. All handcrafted in Canada The David’s have created a brand and an experience second to none. statement. Montréal, Canada has a rich history in textiles and fashion and this serves as our main source of inspiration. The entirety of our collection is designed and produced here in Montréal.

I notice its David & David are you guys brothers? If not how did two guys with same name get into business together?

Nope. Dave Caplan & I go way back. We met for the first time when we were about 17 and started a web development business. Ever since then we’ve been messing around with various web ideas, but about 2 yrs ago I approached Dave with the idea of making physical products… 3 dimensional products sold in a 2D world (the web) pose a certain problem and we love solving problems.

How did you guys get into the tie world?

Well at the beginning we chose ties and bows because they are essentially one-size-fits all and they are easy to ship!

But more than that … We loved the idea of doing something very traditional (such as a tie) and bringing it into this uber modern world of web development and using modern technology to sell them.

Also, we our seriously passionate about design … I mean we are huge apple fan boys and everything we do has a level of uber nerdy OCD design to it … I mean we could easily buy some of the stuff we want to use locally cheaply … but the quality isn’t as good … SO instead we invest heavily in finding the best materials from Japan, Italy, Germany and the UK. We source the best thread from Germany … Got custom bone buttons from Italy. We even go as far as shipping in our tie linings from Japan.

There can’t be many other business that put as much attention to detail as we do … We make our own patterns in-house … We train our own workers … we do our own web development … photography …. anything and everything.

Where did the name Dolbeau come from?

Well to tell you the truth I’m epically bad with names, birthdays and anything else that involves using your memory… But I always remembered this one street named DOLBEAU that my grandmother grew up on. She is a huge part of my life and I thought it appropriate to name it after the street she was born on.

Whats next for Dolbeau?

Well we just launched the new website and this whole new editions concept. We also plan on deploying very snazzy reward systems and a blogger review platform later this year … It’ll be unique in the sense that no one our size and in our business will be able to do what we are going to do on the web.

Product-wise we will be launching summer scarves, tons more ties, bows, pocket circles and men’s jewelry. All with the same level of OCD design and materials.

Get excited … should be a great summer for menswear.

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