Doyle & Mueser

Tucked on 19 Christopher Street in New York City’s West Village neighborhood is a men’s bespoke suiting shop which has all the sensibilities of a timeless location for gentlemen to come in, get fitted, and indulge in the occasional sip of Hendrick’s Gin over great conversation. It’s big enough to house a plethora of suits and shirting (along with other men’s accessories) and small enough to provide an intimate experience.

I walk into the shop and a Swedish gentleman, Jonas, greets me and points me towards Jake (he is the head tailor at the shop). Jake is busy fitting a client. While waiting, I happily asked Jonas if he was into soccer (the Swedish national team, led by Zlatan Ibrahimović, had a good run at this year’s European Cup). Unfortunately, the tall, slender Swede politely declined. As I continued to wait, I enthusiastically looked around the cozy shop. From umbrellas to gorgeous cufflinks, beautiful bags to Jeffrey West footwear, my eyes were in amazement at the wondrous display of the selections. Jake was finished with his client.

Jake walks over, greets Chris and I, and we begin to talk about the shop. After many compliments on it from us, he went on to give us a bit of background on Doyle and Mueser. “I started this company with a college friend,” he said, “and that’s where the name of the company name came from—Amber Doyle and Jake Mueser. Simply put, it’s a beautifully-fit name for a unique bespoke shop.

As passersby peeked in (and some walked in to take a look), our conversation continued on the subjects of opulent fabrics, the exquisiteness of Leffot footwear, and why tailoring will always be relevant. Just when things were getting good, another client came rushing into the shop. It was time for Jake and Jonas to get back to work. Jake went for the chalk and the suit he had in the works for his client and Jonas went for the clipboard, making sure to jot down every little detail needed to ensure their art would gratify their current client. There’s beauty in the making of a suit, and I could only imagine the feeling the customer must have had in that present moment.

Sure, there are many menswear shops in New York City that can easily accommodate your bespoke suiting needs. However, it is about charm, passion, and the idea of feeling “at home” that allows Doyle & Mueser to stand out from the rest stand out from the rest. It isn’t about walking in, doing business and leaving. What kind of memory would you take from that? It was a dreary day in the West Village, but the spirit and charisma of Doyle & Mueser made it come alive.