Draper-esque Cool with the Eames LCW Chair


A man’s home is his castle and he needs to be filling said castle with the very best in furniture and, truth be told, despite the prolific nature of Charles Eames as a designer and the dozens of pieces that he created in his lifetime, his spectacular LCW chair remains one of the boldest and most innovative that he crafted during his illustrious career.

The LCW chair by Eames was actually first released in 1946, a few years before it’s more famous counterpart, the DSW chair, and it differs drastically in both design and aesthetics. The LCW heralded a design breakthrough in the mid 1940’s and it really did set Eames apart from those operating at the same time as a extraordinary and visionary thinker capable of some exceptional pieces of design of which the LCW chair was just one of many.

lcw lcwchair



Undoubtedly one of Eames’ finest pieces of designer furniture, the LCW chair will ramp up the style of any room in the home, be it a study, kitchen, lounge or even a library. There is a refinement and elegance to all of Eames’ designs that has seen their popularity span the generations and is the chief reason why they look just as relevant in today’s interior design endeavours as they did over a half century ago.

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