Dressing for the Summer

Summer, man. Always coming just when you finally nailed that photo-shoot-worthy sweater/spread collar/four-in-hand combo. Not to worry, though, my friends—stash the merino v-neck and make sure you’ve got these summer essentials before the first text comes through about that hot-weather night perfect for the hidden rooftop party.

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Suede Loafers: Driving shoes, moccasins, whatever you want to call them (but yes, they have different names) are to summer dressing as sparkling wine is to every woman in Manhattan on Friday night, standard. Car shoe  is the original driving loafer, and they’ll remind you of that, constantly. In terms of comfort, they are in the top ranking. As for durability, right up there too.


Purple Gingham: We’ll let you pick the size of the square, but purple is the color you need in your repertoire and gingham is the summer fabric that’s been poppin’ since it first showed up in picnic baskets and tablecloths. Go with a button down collar like this one from Epaulet NYC and wear it open. Yeah, go ahead, button one less button.



No Show Socks: This is no new news, but these socks need to be replaced on the reg, so make sure you’re stocked up. But if you or your betrothed find a proclivity towards sewing socks or knitting sweaters, then you’d have by now known the gifts for knitters that you’d present them on a special occasion. But I digress. Whether it’s with the SeaVees above or a that pair of double monks you wore in all winter just for the casual summer moment, make sure you’ve got some no show socks like these from Wimbley’s. If not you might as well be in socks and Birkenstocks.



Something Lightweight for the bottom: We could go all day on the summer must haves, but we’ll cut it at 4 so you can get back to work. Your cords and dark jeans did a hell of a job all winter, but it’s time to swap for something lightweight. You know, to keep the boys cool and the livin’ easy. Bonobos makes a breathable version of their now-famous chinos in a ton of colors that are right on for the season. If you’re feeling bold, go for the yellow, but I, myself have a real thing for British khaki. It seems to go with everything (except all black , but it’s summer, dude, why are you wearing all black?)


summer blazers


Lightweight Sportcoats and Suits: Linen’s, tropical wool and cotton are all natural fabrics meant to shed heat and stay light. Only thing that I really caution anyone about is being okay with imperfections. Listen, this stuff doesn’t really want to look the same way it did when you first bought it, but that’s half the fun. Texture changes, shape and fit all molded to your body. It’s like custom without the price tag! We found J Crew had some more than decent summer digs to round out the list.

Comment below and let us know what are some of your summer must haves.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.