Dressing Up


Two nights ago, stars from across the world took to the stage for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. The “hot” topic pre-show has to be the go to “Who are you wearing” question. Although mostly for the women, men are certainly starting to pay a bit more attention to how they are wearing their clothes. We saw a bit from John Varvatos, Tom Ford, Gucci, and the ever-popular (and go-to) Armani. I don’t care if you worship menswear or have nothing to do with it- odds are you most likely respect the way the gents look.

I have, and always will have, an ever-changing idea of what interests me, motivates me, and pushes me to the next level. I’ve always been taught to “dress for the job you want, not that job you have”. I admire the way men used to dress; elegant, formal, and simplistic. I understand that there’s a time for tennis shoes and a t-shirt, but it’s not on a date with your significant other. Case in point, The Golden Globes. Yeah, they look good. They’re wearing tailored tuxes that fit them. It’s amazing what fitted clothes can do to your appearance (my jeans are fitted, not skinny Ohio).

I was asked a few weeks ago to write a piece on my style predictions for men in 2013. Initially I wanted to look over the shows from the past few months and make a biased recommendation on who to wear and how to wear it. Stop, right there. See, the point of our writing is not to tell you what to do or how to do it. You are an individual. We provide the ingredients, you make the dish.  It’s as simple as that. Clothes themselves are just a fraction of what we do at A&H. Personally, I use my wardrobe as a expression of art. I’m not wearing a designer because it’s a designer. I wear what I wear to express myself. I appreciate Americano with a classic sense of Italian tailoring (and a way of thinking). Men don’t wear enough sport coats. I see men on dates with their drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend. They look like they just woke up, literally. I don’t care if you have a blazer from Wal-Mart; take a shower, fresh shave, and  take the time to put yourself together. In my book, an A for effort is better than anything else. So, here’s my “trend report” for 2013- Men finally starting to dress better at all times. Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

(photo: GQ.com)



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine