Duncan Quinn

It’s a Friday afternoon in SoHo and the downtown New York City neighborhood is jam-packed with teens, parents, the elderly, and every other shopper who favors the always-busy area. “What a perfect place to meet,” is what I’m sarcastically thinking in my head as I wait for Christopher Dam, another A&H editor. It’s his first day here; he flew in from Cincinnati, Ohio for the men’s trade-shows and to tackle a plethora of store visits. We finally meet, but the meet-and-greet session passes rather swiftly, because we have work to do. Next stop: Duncan Quinn.

We make our way to the NoLIta shop and we enter. Visiting the shop many more times than Chris, I had a slight idea of who would be at the desk running the store. It was none other than Luzer Twersky, the lively, energetic gentleman Duncan himself put in charge. Luzer is dressed in a beautiful navy suit with a lining so eccentric it was subtle (you would have had to been there to understand this). He greets us with a devilish smirk I’ve come to recognize all too well. Chris and Mr. Twersky converse and the man himself, Duncan Quinn, walks out of the back looking more dashing than ever in a white double-breasted sport-jacket. It was signature Quinn.

I introduce Chris to Duncan. Then a friend of Duncan walks in.  It seems the A&H team is a little too late to ask Mr. Quinn questions, because at that time, according to him, it was “beer o’clock.” We couldn’t argue with that as he left to grab beers with his comrade. It was time for us to get to work.

As Chris began to photograph the shop, I couldn’t help but notice the gigantic signature photograph of Michael Cain holding a shotgun. As it hangs, it is so complementary to the Duncan Quinn brand I thought to myself. The more you visit the shop, the more you notice the subtle details. Things like miniscule, fun Polaroid’s of Duncan and other friends at the check-out, shirts beautifully-placed accompanied by fine silk neck-ties, one-of-a-kind cuff links you can only find in his store, and cases of beer lying on the floor. It’s all so natural, so organic, so real, so undone. The ambience is also a plus. With Thin Lizzy blasting throughout the space, how can you not appreciate the refreshing spin that puts on a menswear shop? It’s brilliant and easing. It’s extremely welcoming.

Chris wraps up the shoot inside. The weather was beautiful so we asked Luzer to be the man of the hour. Outside of the shop is a beautiful, yet rugged wooden bench. It’s where all the well-dressed men of Duncan Quinn come to enjoy a session of people-watching and cordial conversation. Luzer plumps down on the bench and does what he does best—ooze confidence and charisma. In addition, he talks with firmness and only says things that will provoke thought (something we favor at A&H). He’s a natural in front of the camera.

Our job is done. The best part of the visit was the interaction. There’s nothing like building relationships with talented, like-minded individuals. More than offering beautiful, well-made suits, shirts, and men’s accessories, the gentleman of Duncan Quinn offer top-shelf hospitality and a visit you won’t forget. Whether this is their plan or an authentic way of showing their kindness, it’s a strategy that keeps customers and friends coming back.