Editors Kit: The Automatic- Vince Camuto

In my travels to Florence this past month, I met with my mentor and close friends who lead the design team at Vince Camuto mens by ways of Cortez Groupe. While sitting on the terrace overlooking the city, we spoke loudly, roaring about the sites and sounds from the day before and all while letting time slip by unabated, as it does in Florence. Funny enough, as I realized this, I looked down at the table beneath me and there lay this watch. The warm Tuscan sun shining on this beautiful piece of art, and then, just in that moment, my friend picked it up handing it to me, “It’s yours” he said, “Now let’s go.”  It’s not an object so much as it is a memory of a time, a place and a great friend. Everything tells a story if you allow it, this watch will have many to tell in time from the vantage point of my wrist.

Vince Camuto 1 Final

Vince camuto Final

Vince Camuto 2 final



Neil Watson

Editor At Large