Elegant Soles at Ralph Lauren

A&H was pleased to partake in a private event at the Ralph Lauren men’s flagship footwear salon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Karl-Edwin Guerre of Guerreisms played master of ceremonies to a curated gathering of industry insiders, aficionados and patrons as the Ralph Lauren team showcased this season’s styles in the RTW and made-to-order range.

“Ralph Lauren has created a blue print for style. Be it a novice or a seasoned chap, the brand continues to inspire. When I was approached with the idea of hosting an event at the Madison Avenue flagship, I accepted because my goal is always to champion style over fashion”, said Guerre.

Ralph Lauren doesn’t sell product, they promote a lifestyle–couple that with the fact that I would have the opportunity to gather some of the most stylish individuals in New York City, people who genuinely enjoy the details. 

Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails as bonds were both formed and refurbished over a mutual appreciation of the fine taste and elegance quintessential to the Ralph Lauren brand. “The energy in the room was great,” said footwear lead Erik Walker. “It was a true showing of personal style and the appreciation for the fine craftsmenship.” The atmosphere was ideal, causing us to linger well past the time scheduled. The photos say it all. 

We encourage you stop by the mansion if you’ve yet to have the pleasure of doing so.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.