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Elijah leed, furniture design
As you get older you begin to realize that bean bags and futons are not the ideal way to layout that apartment of yours. While we speak about clothing very often, I’m a firm believer that well designed items should be a part of every aspect of your life. Through our Internet travels I came across the work of Elijah Leed. Since having to do a report on Eames back in middle school, furnture design has always had a special place in my heart and when I saw Elijah’s work it struck a cord with me. A twenty something year old designer residing in Durham, NC, Elijah graduated with a degree in Studio Art from Centre College and designs and builds furniture from a studio in the Golden Belt Arts District.
As a child I was active in the arts, primarily charcoal and other 2-D media. Once I began at Centre College, though, I quickly turned primarily to glassblowing (under the tutelage of a well known glass artist, Stephen Rolfe Powell , with an interest in ceramics as well. It was only after I began working in a metal studio post-college that I realized my passion for interpreting objects placed me closer to the model of a designer, rather than artist. — Elijah Leed
The combination of metal and wood is what really caught my eye along with the detailed simplicity. Elijah’s work is as deep as it is simple and his approach to modern sustainable furniture is something we go more in-depth with in an upcoming interview. For now enjoy the photos below and give Elijah a follow on Twitter.
Elijah leed, furniture design Elijah leed, furniture design Elijah leed, furniture design Elijah leed, furniture design



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