End of the Year Wrap-Up

I’m sure I’m speaking for the entire A&H family when I say, this has been one hell of a year—from the quality brands we’ve discovered to the relationships built with readers, designers, and entrepreneurs alike. This year has definitely unraveled in a stimulating way. Hopefully, we’ve provided you, our readers, a new inspiration to dive into the world of working harder, smarter, and aspiring towards a life fulfilled, while striving to reach destinations you once thought never possible.

As we venture into a new year, we begin to reflect on our accomplishments and encounters. We’ve composed a catalog of our most influentially-favored articles with insight as to why they are treasured. We hope in this new year you continue to work hard and dress well with us.

westthird brand

Corey – People: Michael Probst

“I’m always one for a good life story and Michael’s story was just that. After reading it I felt like I knew him and had a better understanding as to why he does what he does. That in turn has made me an advocate for the brand.”

why travel,passport life

Tarvars –The Want to Slightly Travel

“Personally, I believe travel should be an essential part of life. The world has so much to offer than the 10 mile circumference of your hometown. This is something my partner Robert discovered at a young age, where as countless people marinate on the thought due to small fears ultimately preventing them from doing so. Turning a dream to a goal, then into reality is as simple as taking the first step.”

terrapin prints,

Robert – A Visit to Terrapin Stationers

“Visiting The Harrington’s at their factory workshop is one of my favorite memories created since being in New York City. My tour of their beautiful and industrial space left me informed of the historical company. It also helped how hospitable The Harrington’s were. Amongst loud machinery, I felt at home.”

alexander nash

Chris – Alexander Nash Studio

“That was such a busy day. I’d been running around the city—Capsule, MRKET, and Project were all going on. I arrived at Nash’s studio to meet with the designer, Alex Sumner. He’s an extremely personable lad and made me feel right at home.”

Sergei Sviatchenko

Jose – People:Sergei Sviatchenko

“Sergei Sviatchenko is doing amazing things with Close Up and Private. I’ve been following the site for quite a while now. It was great to understand the idea behind the project.”

mens style

Neil –What & Where: The #Menswear Movement

“I’d definitely have to say Chris’ tidbit on the menswear movement. Reason being, it’s a good segway into the overall conversation of why I even started writing and taking pictures of people in the first place. It went past interest, it meant I had a window into a lifestyle. Perhaps if we strip away the layers we might actually figure out why we love this shit so much. That’s a big maybe, though.”

sibiu romania

Corey – Sibiu Romania at its Finest

” I promise this is my last one. I love this article by Miruna. Just when I think I know each and every place that I want to travel in my lifetime, someone talks about an area of the world that I’ve never thought of.”

Sammo , Sam Shuter Artist


Cameron – Sammo: The Introduction

“One of my favorite  articles because i love how she brings such a contrast of color to the menswear world in such a unique way.”



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.