Engaging Industry: Eric Bland


Leverage. That’s how you make a seamless transition from litigator to digital media curator, excelling in one area and making the connections to change ladders with upward momentum. The city of big dreams is also one that never sleeps, and with every risk comes opportunity: to change, to grow and to build. Eric Bland has spent the better part of two decades representing global talent on a large scale, from Fortune 500 companies and super models to sports legends, providing the most crucial service of all: access. 

A native New Yorker, Eric embraced the diversity in culture, skill, and mindset that have been tantamount to the boom of that perpetual melting pot. From taking clients over coffee at the century-old Caffe Dante on Macdougal Street to his own corner office at Daryanani & Bland, PCEric has had cross-continental influence in immigration law while nursing a passion for writing and filmmaking. “New York is the best city in the world. Everyone wants to be here and in many cases, needs to be here to realize their full potential.” His growing contact network in the entertainment industry led to invitations the world over and brought him back to doing what he’d envisioned before law school: creating. 

“New York is the best city in the world. Everyone wants to be here and in many cases, needs to be here to realize their full potential.”

“I love to be on the edge of innovation. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I want a new wheel. Something that not only works better but changes how people interact with their environment.” He found his home in forward-thinking publishing platforms, using the advantages manufactured by today’s best minds to help spearhead the evolution of an industry and put media sharing in a new space altogether. His work with UNICEF and others using Touchcast technology, an integrated display funnel of information across a wide array of subjects, takes social engagement to previously unimagined depths. It has the power to unite the arts, sciences, and cultures from a single click: globally, simply, effectively. Connecting communities is what matters. As an operating partner at bMUSE, he’s helping to produce technology with applications across a wide array of industries, leaving a digital footprint on everything from medicine to gaming. And the accolades keep piling up. Over 30 million app downloads, upwards of 60 patents, and a growing number of industry awards seem like just the beginning. Because now, more than ever, what you share can change the world. 



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.