People: Eric Jennings

Eric Jennings is a man of many talents. First off, he’s incredibly nice. Not to say that everyone is the fashion community is rude, but Eric strikes me as someone who appreciates both the people and the world around him. I reached out to Eric a few months back, hoping to sit down with him for the afternoon. See, Eric is more of a role model for me. He started as a stock boy at a department store. He’s work his way up the ladder, you know the way must people should do. Nothing was handed to Eric, and he fully recognizes the fact that he had to work hard for what he has received. It’s funny, when we finally did meet, we really didn’t talk about work that much. Don’t get me wrong, he admits that he feels blessed to work for such a wonderful company (Saks). It was I, in the long run, who choose not to talk about what I am sure most want to talk about. I ran a few ideas across Eric, and he quickly had the answers that I had been seeking out for the past year.

I think we get caught up in the interview process; expecting people like myself to ask questions that may cause controversy, tension, or confirm what we already know. I told Eric that I wasn’t really looking to “interview” him and ask the “traditional” questions, but rather gain not only a friend, but someone who has the same philosophies, work ethic, and eye for design and structure. I can’t thank Eric enough for all his time, energy, and of course, advice. Saks is blessed to have such a talented man working for them.




Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine