Essentials: Raymond Weil

raymond weil parsifal

I truly love heritage, and appreciate the story of its origin no matter where that story came from. So when Raymond Weil approached us, asking that we pay them a visit in New York, to see the new collection, we couldn’t say no. What you may not know about R.W. is that they are one of the few remaining family owned watch manufactures in the world. Why should one even bother to care? Well, because the company is treated with a particular care and attention to detail, not unlike many luxury watch makers today, but you don’t often find that same love in this price range. Mind you, this is not an everyday man timepiece either. They are made to aspire, but not so out of reach you could only ever dream of wearing one.

The whole story of family struck a cord with me, and the reason I was so eager to jump at the opportunity to pay them a visit, was due to the fact that my very first real  watch was in fact a 1994 Fidelio in solid silver. I’ve had it since then, long forgotten in my mother’s jewellery box, waiting to be resurrected. It wasn’t until I step foot into the showroom and met the family behind the brand that I remembered the same feeling I had when I received the watch. Love and care, it seeped out of every crevice and corner of the office. The watches themselves were just as impressive as the narrative that accompanied them. I couldn’t help but imagine every timepiece as an extension of Raymond Weil himself. As if his imprint had made its way on every bezel, every flywheel and every arabic or roman numeral.

Take a visit to their beautiful spaces when you can, and experience some of what I can only convey scantly through these words. A great pleasure awaits you… trust me.

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Neil Watson

Editor At Large