Ett Hem

Ett hem hotel

Built in 1910 as a residence for two people who loved art and beautiful things, Ett Hem(a home in English) is a new hotel in Stockholm situated in a peaceful, residential area of Stockholm called Lärkstan. Owner of Ett Hem, Jeanette Mix, has given travelers an intimate place to stay. After searching around for two years for the right person to work with Jeanette came across Ilse Crawford and Ett Hem was born.

Ett hem hotel

“Transforming the house into a hotel has been a delicate process: its personality had to remain intact.” – Jeanette Mix Owner of Ett Hem.

Yet it also had to offer all the services required by modern travelers. Ett Hem has made impersonal hotel luxury feel more at home than any space I have ever seen, it’s like being a house guest in someone’s private home and having everything taken care of down to the last detail. With only twelve rooms, Ett Hem offers discerning guests comfortable interiors and bedrooms full of summery whiteness of light. Outdoors, the courtyard garden is a room as important as those inside. It’s a secret city wilderness that is the perfect place for summer breakfasts or winding down over a chilled bottle of wine.

Ett hem hotelEtt hem hotel

The twelve rooms at Ett Hem are all different, as you would expect in a private house. Some are more spacious, others more compact, but all have a warm domestic feeling created by a Swedish sensibility using tactile materials such as oak, Gotland stone, and sheepskin. Several of the rooms in this private hotel have open fireplaces or tiled stoves. Bathrooms – some with walk in rain showers – are special at Ett Hem, as are the cocktail cabinets in gleaming brass. There is also free wi-fi, and an iPad for personal use. Ett Hem also provides guests with a kitchen stocked with food, wine, and Champagne daily, as well as a lunch and dinner menu for more formal meals, which can be served in the bar, lounge, or outdoor garden.

Ett hem hotel

Ett hem hotel



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