Everyday Elegance Explained

Monsieur Fox is a brand for the discerning gentleman, one who embodies culture and class. ‘Everyday Elegance’ is an ethos, a way of life. It is an unmistakeable statement in subtlety and care. It describes the man who is well-rounded and therefore well-respected. And the first display of this is in his manner of dress. Founder Adrian Azodi was able to expound on it further in a short video series produced by 10 Leaves Media Group and Liam Allen:

“This brand is an extension of myself: my taste, my choices, my responsibility. There is something to be said of ownership in general, but there is an even greater since of pride and purpose when it is your creation as well.”

Below is a sample of Part II in the short series, found HERE.

Everyday Elegance ‘Men’s Accessories’ from Monsieur Fox on Vimeo.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.