Expanded Horizons: Daria Hosseinyoun


At A&H, we are huge advocates of travel, mostly because we believe that to fully know your world you have to see it. As we rack up stamps in our respective passports, we embrace opportunities to experience culture. But what if you met yourself on the road? In his book “Roots of Gratitude: A Young Man’s Global Search for Happiness” Daria chronicles his quest to discover himself and find fulfillment.

Choosing to deny the comfort that his family, education, and career afforded him, he sought out the meaning of his life apart from the luxuries of home and found what he was made of. “Roots of Gratitude” is a riveting tale of when the rubber meets the road for someone who seemingly had nothing to gain but felt lost from within. Compelled to complete his mission, he bravely faces the joys and perils of labor and love across 5 countries, cultures, and landscapes. In makeshift tents, bitter cold temperatures, amongst wildlife, or stuck on Tarmacs, Hosseinyoun emerges with a new perspective. And after all, insight is priceless.

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Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.