Food: Elle’s Restaurant & Lounge

As the never ending hunt for well-prepared delectable dishes continues for lunch, I stumbled upon a  globally inspired restaurant by the name of  Elle’s. Chef Luci Rosende, owner of Elle’s, features the world’s best cuisine  and cocktails ranging from regional American, Asian, the Caribbean, South American, and European. This chic yet, casual dining room is suitable for lunch with the coworkers or an intimate dinner with that special person. It’s beautifully decorated with colorful Haitian paintings on stark white walls, but the most eye catching part of the entire room would have to be the white onyx bar which is lit from within. It features  signature  chef- crafted  cocktails made with only premium liquors and light fixtures eloquently designed from strips of metal abstractly formed into orbs providing a dim lighting around the room.

Being that Elle’s specializes in international dishes, it was a must that I try a little bit of everything. I have a habit of selecting a seafood dish every time I dine so the Big Easy was selected without question. This signature sandwich consist of  Cajun shrimp & andouille sausage cake, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, and a splash of key lime mustard. In my opinion the key lime mustard is what definitely gave it a slight tangy taste which made this sandwich distinctly different from any other shrimp sandwich to ever hit my taste buds.

The second selection which I was hesitant to try but surprised me, none the less, was the meatloaf melt. Deemed ” our famous meatloaf” is consorted  with fine, thin sliced tomato and onion, fontina cheese, artisan multi-grain pressed on panini, complimented with a side salad and riesling wine.

If you’re ever in the South Florida, Miramar area and your wasting time searching for somewhere to dine, we definitely advise visiting  Chef Luci Rosende and dining at Elle’s.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.