Food Love is Better

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I love food; but not because I’m a glutton that shovels tasty cakes in my mouth regularly. I love food because of the dance that my taste buds do when I try something new or how my brain untangles the puzzle of different spices. I love food because of how much love is put into a dish  (whether it’s something as simple as a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or perfectly made foi gras). Chefs are like artists, and enjoying a meal is like going to MOMA and seeing Starry Night for the first time.

Food brings people together. A friend of mine just came back from visiting her family in a small town in Italy (BUCKET LIST DESTINATION ALERT). She went on and on about how they live  in the moment, unlike anything she’s ever experienced in the states. She spoke of a particular evening in which everyone stays up all night and cooks and bakes and then the following evening the whole town comes out and eats and dances and just lives freely! It sounds absolutely amazing to me! Food brings people together unlike anything else. Why not experience life through food. Go out and try different cuisine and eat like the locals do. I think most people would be surprised to find what they like despite what it looks like. A well dressed man is a person with impeccable taste, and that’s no pun.

If you stay in your comfort zone all the time you’ll never really experience all that the life has to offer. You may not like something but at least you can say you’ve tried it.



Ivy Knight

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