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A lifestyle brand that happens to sell clothing…novel perhaps, but a new alternative take on the menswear market is refreshing to see nonetheless. Founded in 2010 and conceived around a dinner table in West London, we speak to Fourth and Main Managing Director, Nikhil Adwalpalkar, about inseams and inspirations.

Tell us about Fourth and Main. How did the brand come to be.

I was sat with co-founder James Wright around our dinner table in Fulham, talking about various topics from bands to holiday destinations and the conversation somehow evolved into an idea that we could create a complete lifestyle portal allowing us to share our passions and interact with similar people. The idea behind the clothing line came parallel to this as we were discussing the disposability of fashion items and the limited shelf life they had. What we both had previously unsuccessfully tried to seek out was a brand with a style that wasn’t dictated to by trends, but rather kept its complete collection timeless.

Having set ourselves up as a clothing and lifestyle brand, we interact with our clients on a product as well as a  general taste level. The attire that we produce is linked closely to this… we link our followers with everything from musicians and artists to museums and politics through our bi-annual Fourth and Main Journal.

How would you describe the Fourth and Main clientele?

A creative, confident and cultured new age gentleman that prefers classic, timeless styling. Their sphere of knowledge extends from art and architecture to theatre and travel, and they are inspired by the likes of Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, and Paul Newman.

How would you say you differentiate yourself from similar brands?

Our collections are very personal and resonate with our customers more so due to the interaction we have with them through both the journal and our online editorial. We understand the correlation between clothing and other lifestyle elements so we can harness these and bring parts into our pieces. Our ranges all carry one single message: classic, clean lines, well tailored, and long living. In addition, being able to offer a true boutique service with a high street price point is something we can absolutely uphold. Every fortnight we offer our clients the opportunity to come into the store on a Thursday evening and enjoy some complimentary jamon iberico and wine while we offer them a free tailoring service. Every other Thursday evening we have the Fourth & Main Sessions: a new live band playing outside the store!

Walking around the store you can see the mantra of clean lines continued, as does the influence of everything from Motown (a BB King vinyl sits atop a turntable by the front window) to lunchtime in London with the sandwich board style staple price list. Scented candles and a small art and book cave in the rear complete the welcoming homely feel.

What would you class as your signature pieces?

For this season, our unlined jackets and blazers. The relaxed tailoring results in a portable, lightweight piece of clothing that allows the wearer to change looks effortlessly. Paul White is our head designer and brings with him all his years of experience on Saville Row, so you can be confident in the structure, fit, and finish of the products.

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Your Journal and online editorial seem to be a big component of your identity. Where can people find these materials?

The Journal is available free of charge through fourteen-nineteen and you can find a list of stockists in the US, UK, Europe, and Tokyo on our website.

Deviating off track a little…who are your favorite designers?

Patrick Ervell, Paul Smith, and Ralph Lauren for his business model.

Favorite musical artists?

ASAP Rocky, Josh T. Pearson, and Grimes.

Tell us some great places to eat in London.

Barrafina in SOHO offers a great tapas, the River Café in Hammersmith has a great location and offers a wonderful private dining room, and a new favorite is Pascheria Matiucci fish boutique in Notting Hill.

Finally, I’m a watch nut so give me your top 3 watches.

In order of how I will acquire them: a vintage Rolex Airking with a gold bezel, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic, and to top it off, a Patek Philippe Nautilus!

 Photography courtesy of Adam Priscak




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