From Canvas to Cart: Sam Shuter

We have some more exciting news from one of our favorite artists, Samara Shuter. In a collaborative effort with Black Lapel Custom Clothiers and Everett, a limited edition of signed and numbered prints are now available, with another physical memento to boot. The idea came about when Black Lapel co-founder Derek Tian first discovered her work here on A&H. Immediately impressed by her unconventional renditions, he reached out to her and the team at Everett to take something off of the canvas and put it in the hands of art and menswear enthusiasts alike. This project, the result of months of dedication and design, is an effort to bridge the two worlds, making the conceptual concrete and tangible. The set is available for pre-order here. Get one while you still can!



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.