Galaxy Carpets by Schönstaub


This is hands down the coolest, most appealing area rug I have laid eyes on. Zurich company, SCHÖNSTAUB — which literally translates to “beautiful dust” — was founded in 2010 by young Swiss creative duo Nadja Stäubli and David Schönen. The two founders and designers met each other in 2010 while studying at the University of Arts in Zürich. A joint project was the launching idea for a  creative cooperation, which culminated in the foundation of Schönstaub. This is their debut collection of high-quality designer carpets which combine Swiss precision craft with innovative design. All of the rugs are woven in Switzerland on high tech carpet weaving machines by Schönherr/ Stäubli which is one of the leading supplier of carpet weaving machines worldwide. So your not just getting design, your getting high quality carpets which will last you for quite some time.


As of right now there are 3 carpets available – Red Cluster, Blue Cluster, and Grey/White Cluster, which can be found here.af141acb17f84c93a2efb7afdd97d039-620x930




Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.