Gate Hotel Kaminarimon Tokyo

Gate Hotel KaminarimonCenturies of creative change and growth define the northeastern Tokyo neighborhood of Asakusa, from its time as the center for Kabuki theater during the Edo Period to its legacy as a Japanese entertainment hub in the 20th century. Now, the recently opened Gate Hotel Kaminarimon by HULIC offers a gateway to this founding district of Tokyo. Design Hotels’ latest member hotel in the city stands poised between one of the city’s oldest districts and luminous, modern-day Tokyo. Shigeru Uchida, one of the country’s most famous architects, has transformed the former office building into a crisp, clean, contemporary sanctuary.

Rooms start at JPY 16170/203 USD

Gate Hotel KaminarimonGate Hotel KaminarimonGate Hotel Kaminarimon



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.