Grecian Made

In my travels, I hardly look for things I may or may not find at home…namely clothing. I don’t know why but, seeing store after store seems so boring and uninspiring to me. I live in this industry, all I do is soak up manufacturing. It’s like asking a chef to dine at a chain restaurant over and over again. Okay, maybe not, but there’s always an exception here. While walking around Greece, I so happened to stop in at this unassuming shop, B. Loose. Built in nothing bigger than what looked to be a cave, it was packed with the smell of dyed cotton, musty and beautiful. I spoke to the woman running the place, and she quickly saw how enthralled I was by this stuff. She lead me to the back, and introduced me to the owner. She told me the story, and I had to ask, where this all came from. “Simply, Greece.” She said. From the cotton, to the dye, to design and everything in between, was created all over this country. A sense of pride washed over her face, when she saw how impressed I was. Rarely do you see something created, start to finish, by the same people. It was like farm to plate eating. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them on my next trip out to the Grecian islands.





Neil Watson

Editor At Large