Greenwich Vintage presents “The Blue Decembers”

As the cold weather slowly creeps in on us folks on the East Coast and Midwest, it’s time to find yourself a pair of boots that will help you survive the long winter. If you are in Florida or the West Coast you just need a great pair of boots to add to your collection, and I envy you for not having to deal with the cold. You need a boot that will last all winter and keep your feet warm all while looking your best, a stylish yet functional boot look no further than a pair of all American made Red Wing Boots. Not just any Red Wing’s though, Greenwich Vintage presents an even stylish option,  “The Blue Decembers“. A pair of  Red Wing #8173 boots like you have never seen before, indigo dyed by hand and outfitted  with Greenwich Vintage signature Bricklayer Cookies-n-cream colored soles.  Each pair has been transformed into a work of art by Master Cobbler, Tamas “Zen” Pomazi, who resoles each boot by hand. The soles of these #8173 boots are also very unique in that they are the first soles that Greenwich Vintage has produced that glow a special blue color in the dark. You won’t find any other Red Wing boots out there like these so act fast because these were only made in very limited quantities. Throw some color into your shoe rotation this winter with these indigo-dyed Red Wing’s by Greenwich Vintage.





Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.