Home Office Essential: Eames Office Chair

Eames office chair

Working from home is the Holy Grail for most men but in order to really benefit from this privilege, you need to make sure you have the right home office space that is conducive to creativity and ensuring a good level of productivity. Needless to say, clutter is the enemy of the home office worker but other than keeping a minimalist feel to your home office environment, the other most important component is invariably that of your choice of seating.

In terms of both style and comfort, there really is no seat more fitting for the job in any dapper chap’s home office than that of the exemplary, Charles Eames EA108 Office Chair pictured above. This truly stunning design is, in fact, one of the 20th century’s most celebrated pieces and it has won much acclaim for its intelligent use of materials and the superb ergonomic design which delivers unparalleled comfort.

Eames was a designer quite unlike any other and his immense talent saw him produce pieces of furniture that really does span the gamut of design but, truth be told, he is particularly well known for his exceptional array of office furniture, of which the EA108 is one of the cornerstones. For any man who has an idea for their home office in mind, one of these visually stunning and exceptionally comfortable office chairs should certainly be at the core.


Kitting out a home office for the first time isn’t easy but as long as you get the fundamentals right, you’ll not go too far wrong. Your choice of seating is definitely one of the most important decisions to get right and, such is the high regard of Eames office chairs, you’ll be on the right track with any of his understated yet incomparably comfortable seats.

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