Ideall Pop-up Shop

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Sometime ago I came across an artist by the name Bryan Espiritu, the mind behind Ideall Clothing. A few weeks ago Bryan held his second pop up shop and Toronto came out to support. I don’t talk about street wear or t-shirt brands to often on the site since I find that most of them have no depth. A clever rap line doesn’t move me to purchase a $30 t s-hirt and I don’t wear Jordan’s so purchasing a matching tee isn’t on my to do list. However, Bryan is a bit different, he gives people substance with his brand. I think that is the key to his success. People want substance, they want a story and he gives you that. I’m not going to do you or him a disservice by trying to explain why I like his work and the message in his brand. Go to his site, The Legends League, and see why for yourself . Peep the video below and follow Bryan on his journey.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.