In Tow with The British Belt Company

As men, proper hygiene is an undeniable imperative. It is a reflection of self-respect and a sense of personal value. We owe it to ourselves to set and keep the highest of standards. But we tend to pack as lightly as possible when we’re on the move. Minimalist and effective storage is of the utmost importance. Enter The British Belt Company. German origin with English refinement, the Mayfair Tan Leather Dopp Kit is a gentleman’s essential. The dopp kit has been a travel staple for centuries. This particular iteration of the classic toiletry bag takes the simplicity of design and maximizes both space and style. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a trek overseas, you’ll have room for all of your grooming necessities. And it can be easily stowed away in a corner of your carry all. I’ve actually foregone the original purpose of housing my care products and used it as a great way to store ties, pocket squares and other accessories for an extended business trip. So whether by rail, road, sea, or air, this is definitely one thing you shouldn’t leave without. For abbreviated stays or drawn out ventures, The British Belt Company has got you covered.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.