Handcrafted: Infuse Vodka

The INFUSE VODKA brand of truly infused vodka is made from a wide selection of fruits, spices, and herbal ingredients that create one very smooth and tasty vodka, perfect in a cocktail or on the rocks. Unlike other brands that use artificial flavors in their spirits, they craft exceptional all-natural infused vodka bottle it up in an award winning bottle design.

For incomparable taste, their vodka is multi-micro purified through a state-of-the-art filtration system and distilled five times. It is the visible ingredients that flavor this ultra-premium American harvested corn vodka. The result of this careful and intensive process? The purest infused spirit on the market-with no added sugars, no dies, syrups, or artificial ingredients… and it’s 100% gluten free.

Owner and creator Seth Benhaim launched the brand in late 2013 after years of research, practice, and testing his popular and incredible recipes for infused vodkas. Inspired by world travels, he rediscovered natural methods of infusion. Upon tasting the irresistible improvements over mainstream flavored vodka, he decided to pursue his passion and hand-craft a vodka that paid respect to the Old-World ways of flavoring spirits. What does he mean by old world? Infusion is a technique thought to have originated in the 10th century, the earliest infusions were of ancient Chinese teas, made with fruits and spices left to steep and flavor water over time. Then, in the 11th century, the inhabitants of the Persian Empire would infuse their natural oils using spices, vegetables, and fruits. Not long after, the Russians were the first on record to infuse their homemade vodkas. In this quest to create these naturally infused spirits, he began sourcing the highest quality ingredients and developing exquisite recipes. In 2012, he joined with the company’s co-founder, Steve Lipp, whose experience coupled with his faith in the project made Infuse Vodka suddenly possible.

To uphold the integrity and quality of those original recipes, Infuse Spirits uses Kansas distilled vodka that is gluten-free. This bold tasting corn vodka created the perfect platform for the sugar free infusion recipes. With the perfect American grain vodka, Steve and Seth has been crafting the purest tasting, most beautiful, and most aromatic of infusions of vodka available.

Infuse Spirits continues to focus on developing the brand centered around everything a real infusion is comprised of; natural and unsweetened flavor, exceptional smoothness, and unparalleled quality long desired by today’s vodka enthusiasts and modern mixologist.



Christopher Crossley

Founder of Modern Connoisseur. Reporting from Trinidad and Tobago. Advocate of a bon vivant lifestyle.