Innovate Miami Week – The LAB Miami

Miami, while being one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States, its pretty hard to make a living here. The economy is heavily based on tourism and that makes it difficult to have any kind of thriving industry here besides restaurants, hotels or night clubs. However my buddy Kendrick over at In The Capital put me on to The LAB Miami and after speaking with Wifredo and Elisa I think The LAB just might be the spark that will light a fire to Miami’s budding tech scene.

The LAB Miami is a place for collaboration, creativity, and change far away from cubicles, office hours and bosses. It’s the new way to work and the best way to make things happen. Afte recieveing a 250k investment from the Knight Foundation, The LAB will be moving to a 10,000 square foot building. The facility will serve as a co-working space, but also have classes, events and offer in-house mentors to entrepreneurs and innovators of all kinds.

About the city’s emerging tech space, Wilfredo Fernandez, co-founder of the LAB Miami, which recently received support from Knight, says: “The town is here, the people are here, the money is here. We just need a place for all those things to come together.” The LAB is doing just that.

In the video below, hear how the LAB Miami’s new co-working space and other events like Wayra’s Global Demo Day gathered some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and are helping Miami on the map as a global destination for startups. Wayra’s Demo Day was hosted by the LAB Miami as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the Knight supported America’s Venture Capital Conference. Featuring international innovators, global venture capitalists and speakers, it sought to further develop global innovative firms throughout the Americas.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.