Inspired by Travel, Casa de Novelas

The genesis of a design, in some cases, can be traced back to a singular person. That is the case with Daniel Novela, the founder of Casa de Novelas, who can draw a direct line back to his Cuban heritage. Enter his familial bloodline, painter Augustin Fernandez. Daniel’s passion for art and design combined with a curiosity to explore his family’s Italian root’s is the anchor of our conversation with him. Here’s some time spent with the man himself.

Casa De Novelas, Daniel Novela

Traveling the world spending chunks of time at his favorite destinations like Ibiza, Capri, St. Barth’s, and his home in Miami, Daniel could never find a jacket made for traveling in the abuse heat. This is where Casa de Novelas was born, out of the need to create the light, well-tailored, suitable for travel and unconstructed jackets. He didn’t reinvent the wheel, but simply fashioned it his way – a bit smoother and exactly what he wanted.

Salinas - Indigo Blue - Casa de Novelas

3rd Street- Blue Green - Casa de Novelas

Inspired by his roots, every part of the jacket had to be 100% Made in Italy. From fabric, to buttons, and even the labels that adorn the inside of the jacket, these were all made in Italy.

Guiones - Green Linen - Casa de Novelas

Salinas Blue Green - Casa de Novelas

3rd Street Blue Check - Casa de Novelas

The jackets also sport something quite original, the Novela Pocket. Hand cut and sewn, the Novela chest pocket allows you place your sunglasses in a separate “V” shape hideaway without disturbing your pocket square.

While you are in Miami for Art Basel make sure you check out the new Casa de Novelas Showroom on Miami Beach at 700 West 51st Street, and check out the entire Resort Collection.

Samana - Blue White - Casa de Novelas

Guiones Red Herringbone - Casa de Novelas






Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.