Invest In: Wheelmen & Co. Clubman Bag

You find yourself running through the city… literally running, dodging and jumping over people trying to get to where you need to go. It’s rare that your clothes, hell your bag, can withstand the commute into hades and back. Alas, we found something willing to go through the pitfalls of city working. The Wheelmen & Co Clubman Bag. did something rarely seen in twill… they beat the hell out of it for you and made it look like you did all the hard work yourself. So, we decided to take it out for a test run. We gave the bag to a close friend of the magazine to test out for the day. We knew he wouldn’t be easy on it, in fact he’s in the business of giving things a hard time. When all was said and done, all he said was “Okay, you got me, this surpassed my expectations… now can I keep it?”



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.