IRDOBI pronounced Ear-Dough-BEE

IRDOBI sets out to provide today’s gent with rare as well as quality brands that are known to stand the test of time. We sat down with the dynamic trio for a Q&A session for some insight behind this endeavor.


When and what made you get into selling menswear?
We always had this idea of one day owning a store selling brands that we thought were unique and cool. We’re really drawn to brands that are unique and that aren’t as mainstream. Part of what makes style personal, is not going with the crowd, so to speak. So we really wanted to share some brands that we liked with others and hopefully they would enjoy them as much as we do. Rather than wait for “one day” to happen we decided to give it a try a launch with an online store first. It’s something we love and really enjoy so it’s cool to be able to show that through our work.

What’s the inspiration behind the name IRDOBI?

We wanted a name that didn’t sound like anything in particular and that people would remember. So, we came up with IRDOBI (pronounced Ear-Dough-BEE), a combination of all our names…Ira, Dominique, and Billy. We’ve had people ask what language it is and have tried to guess the root so we’d say mission accomplished. (laughs)  We’re literally just three friends doing what we love… so you can say the inspiration is personal to us.

What is your opinion on dressing well in today’s society?

We feel that today men care more about how he looks (and feels). In previous years it wasn’t as common to see a well dressed gent in a well tailored suit (or jacket) with great accessories. It’s kind of like people are going back to the days in the 50s and 60s when men were always well dressed and took much pride in how they look.  Today more men see the importance of the details… proper fitting clothes, great accessories, and quality in general. Dressing well is becoming more of the standard rather than the exception. What makes it even more exciting, in our opinion, is seeing how people make it personal. It’s all in the details!

How does your own personal style influence the clothing you showcase?

We don’t sell anything that we would not wear. When we are buying and working with brands, we think about which products appeal to us and try to highlight those products for our customers. Part of what we want to do is make the shopping experience with IRDOBI personal. So by hand selecting products, we are in a sense giving you a glimpse of who we are and our personal styles. While we are one united brand, we are 3 individuals that each have our own personal style. Hopefully having that variety will result in great product selection and building even better relationships with our customers. We hope to help people grow and develop their OWN personal style. If anyone has a brand they think we should know about, feel free to share it with us.

Check out there menswear items here: IRDOBI



Christopher Crossley

Founder of Modern Connoisseur. Reporting from Trinidad and Tobago. Advocate of a bon vivant lifestyle.