J.Crew has the answers

j crew, ludlow,menswearWell, at least I hope they do. Over the past couple of years, we have seen J.Crew grow into a major menswear company. I’ll put it out there now; I truly believe that they are at the fore-front of this so-called “movement” we are currently experiencing (you kn0w, men actually caring about the clothes they wear). Unfortunately, most gents in this industry tend to give J.Crew a bunch of crap about “selling out and/or being too mainstream”. Newsflash, most men do not want to spend any money on clothes. Sure, they’ll spend tons of their hard earned pennies buying shots for ladies at any bar, but men in the states are not programmed to go shopping (SHOCKING). I have a hard time convincing my friends to spend $100 on denim (which in my mind, for a really good pair,  is cheap).

Enter the mind of Frank Muytjens, head of J.Crew Men. First off, he’s a genius. No, I am not sucking up or looking for any kind of freebie here. The man, who once designed for Polo (an in turn fell in love with Americana Menswear) took over in 2008. Since then, he’s been collaborating with many of the top iconic menswear names. “J.Crew in Good Company” is Frank’s brainchild; Alden, Barbour, Billy Reid, Drakes London, and countless others have all been a part of what Frank continues to build. His attention to detail is some-what on the OCD level (not that it’s a bad thing). Slim fits, closer to the body shirting, and of course, making sure the garments compliment each other. You can honestly build a solid wardrobe each season from individual pieces. Oh, and the best part about it all; it’s affordable! Honestly, men don’t want others to know they “care” about dressing well. Hell, most men don’t give a damn about what clothes they wear. But, there’s a movement, as I have previously mentioned, that is happening across the states. Call it the resurgence of Americana (or whatever you’d like to call it). Maybe the menswear dudes are getting upset because other guys are starting to dress like they do? Don’t be stubborn, gents. Embrace the movement.



 (Photos Credit of Grungy Gentleman)



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine