Jeremy Brown: Love is Art

I’ve pondered my thoughts over and over again. How do I write an introduction for the artist, Jeremy Brown. My backspace bar on my keyboard continues to fade as my mind debates how I can possibly portray his creativity in less than two paragraphs. I feel bad for those who have to write the painter’s bio’s at museums…

That’s when it hit me; his artwork speaks volume in which my words cannot. Passion, love, & creativity are seen through the eyes of the individual. LOVE IS ART was born through the eyes of an individual who’s passion is to provide an unique experience to us all. Love is this mysterious creature that engulfs the mind, soul, and body. It’s your best friend & worst enemy. Jeremy Brown, artist and creator, shares his words with A&H Magazine this month.

Jeremy, you started out on a totally different career path. Why the need for “creative escape” from the marketing & ad world?

As I progressed in the marketing/publishing world, my duties became less about creation and more about the bottom line. Somewhere along the line, I transitioned from creative direction to sales and marketing, during a time when everyone needed to contribute to the numbers. Boring…  I love advertising, especially the process of invoking emotions.

Have you always been around art?

My mother and two older sisters are all artists, each dabbling in a wide range of mediums and forms.  So, growing up I was always surrounded by art.  As I got older I gravitated towards minimalist abstract art, complex simplicity…if that makes any sense.

When did you do your very first love painting?

  During my first year of college, I took an art history course and was introduced to the works of the late Yves Klein.  Klein was a French performer and artist in the late 50’s who used naked bodies covered in paint as his paintbrushes. This immediately caught my attention, not only did I like the final pieces, but also the story of how the abstract images were formed.  It was Klein’s fun approach to creating minimalism pieces of abstract art that inspired me to then go home and talk my girlfriend at the time into making love on canvas while covered in paint.

I’m assuming you got that you got that “You crazy face”.

To my surprise, she wasn’t nervous at all.  She enjoyed art just as much as I did, and we had a very strong sex life, so it was a perfect fit. The second I through the idea out there, she was all over it (pun intended)…it was a good thing I had all of the supplies on hand.

And why after that experience did you feel you had to share this with the world?

It wasn’t until a close friend has asked me to help her make a painting with her husband on their anniversary, that it dawned on me that this was something that couples all over the world should experience. Her & her husband were so ecstatic about the project together, they absolutely loved the process and piece of art that remained, and it was their excitement that sparked the thought…everyone needs to experience this. The unique & intimate experience of the project itself, teamed with the creation of a dope minimalistic abstract painting…had to be shared.

Why is Yves such an influence in your work?

His approach to the creation of art, had zero boundaries, zero guidelines and zero inhibitions.  His performance pieces and paintings were about shattering the perceptions of what defined art at the time. I like that it is somewhat undefinable and abstract, yet tells a story and ignites thought.

Would you agree that romance and intimacy seem to be missing from the world a bit?

I’d really like to think that isn’t the case; romance and creativity are my two drugs of choice.  The second I took my first hit, I was hooked. If that were true, I truly hope Love Is Art can help turn some folks around. I look at romance the same way I look at art.  It doesn’t just happen, it take effort, thought, patience, creativity, trial & error.  Art sparks emotion if the artist and in the viewer alike, so does romance.

How do you define love?

Love is an unconditional devotion, support and a sense of true compassion to someone special or many.  It’s the desire to create a sense of warmth & comfort inside someone’s chest, while sparking a smile on their face.

What charity does the foundation donate to?

In celebration of Yves Klein’s birthday on April 28th, from now until the 28th, I will be donating 15% of every Klein Blue kit sold to the Flux Projects.  Flux Projects supports artists in creating innovative temporary public art. The organization produces new platforms for artistic experimentation that engage a broad audience in their daily lives, beyond the walls of traditional arts venues. They challenge artists to make exceptional, surprising work that inspires and fosters an awareness of the richness and diversity of the creative culture.

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Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.