Joint Venture Agreements Book

On the theoretical level, the author analyzes this decision-making process by developing an approach that integrates microprudential analysis, particularly within international oil companies, with a macro-economic analysis that comes from the organizational culture of the Qatari gas industry. At the micro-plan level, the author proposes John Dunning`s eclectic paradigm (as a set of theoretical ideas) to explain an element of the decision-making process that leads to the emphasis on joint venture agreements, that is, that of international oil companies. At the macro level, the author proposes the theory of structuring of Antony Giddens (another set of theoretical ideas) to explain another part of this decision-making process, that is, how it is shaped by the organizational culture of the Qatari gas industry. At the empirical level, the proposed book uses a combination of a microeconomic approach such as Dunning`s eclectic paradigm and a macrosociological approach such as the theory of Giddens structuring through empirical study. The proposed book, which focuses on a qualitative strategy focused on the definition of importance, which combines the different perspectives of this decision-making process, including international oil companies and the organizational culture of Qatar`s gas industry, uses a case study model called the Qatari gas industry case. The author uses a triangulation of data collection techniques to access empirical data: analysis of official documents and semi-structured interviews (a sample of interview questions appears in an appendix to the proposed books). In keeping with the qualitative nature of this proposed book, a thematic analysis is adopted to interpret the data on the basis of Dunning`s eclectic micro-level paradigm and the theory of Giddens structuring at the macro level. This book combines theory and practice by examining the preference given to joint venture agreements in the case of Qatari industry, citing one of the most effective frameworks for explaining foreign direct investment, Dunning`s eclectic paradigm, with the most complex sociological framework that offers a comprehensive definition of organizational culture, called the Giddens structuring theory. The audience could be made up of academics, professionals and graduates and new students. Joint ventures and shareholder agreements focus on private joint ventures formed by two or more companies. Joint ventures and shareholder agreements specifically designed as a working guide take a procedural approach that takes into account all legal issues and documentation. The book provides practical advice, highlights important business considerations and offers time-saving flow diagrams and checklists. Happy Holidays – Our gift card for you is free, and books are sent for free! Do your shopping! This unique text will provide you with guidance, discernment and expertise to ensure that you have the advantage in any joint venture transaction by allowing you to: