Journey to Pitti Uomo 84 – Pt 1

pitti uomo 84, pitti uomo
Week 1 : Why you should care about Florence?

The quest to reach the holy grail of menswear begins today.

This pilgrimage is not unlike a right of passage for menswear enthusiasts.

Seriously, Florence has become the pea-cocking festival of double breasted blazers and cuffed chinos to the world. Why am I telling you this? Whether you like it or not, this is where it all disseminates from; and by all, I mean all the clothes you wear.
Look, this may be theoretical, and really, I have nothing to substantiate what I am going to claim, but I know one thing, if it’s trending, you more than likely have or will see it on a Tommy Ton street style shot. It suffices to say that if the Italians are doing it, you will eventually will be too.
I know you hear it all the time, European men dress better than us North Americans. Be it true or not, outside of the Americano tradizione, Italian, men specifically, just have that flair and non-chalants that comes with not really doing much but, well… Dressing well. Work? Ha! More like, have an espresso.So, why should you care? Because you consume. A lot. more than just clothes, you are at the very least consuming a lifestyle that, in all honesty,  started somewhere off in Italy.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large