Let’s Hear from You

questions to the editor,menswearAlright- I’ve had this post on my mind for a while now. I’ll be honest, there are many “Ask the Fashion Director” question forums out there, both in the printed and digital worlds. I would say they probably get thousands of submissions (the real mystery is how they seem to pick out just the right question). each month. From there, they somehow get forwarded onto the fashion director (or guru) who assists in their sartorial conundrum. Now, I am not saying that I think this way of communication is a bad idea. I just feel bad for those who are left in the shadows, anxiously awaiting a response while they debate between their black and blue jackets.

Now, at first I thought about having our own, “Style Questionnaire” for A&H Magazine. Something simple; you ask a sartorial question, I send my response. End of story. You see, deep down inside there was something missing about my re-creation of this menswear questionnaire wheel. I didn’t want to keep this Q&A  limited to a few each month, who I answer, but rather open it up to everyone.  So here’s what we are going to do; Starting today (meaning now),  I am going to open the floor. I’d love to hear from everyone- on anything from menswear, art, culture, style, and everything in between. Rather, than simply reply to your questions, I am going to re-post them each week and allow the viewers to provide their own commentary and feedback for each topic. Why limited this forum to question and answer?  A collective collaboration;  that is- a viewpoint from multiple angles that will only allow us to dive deeper into our discussions.

I’ll leave the door open for now. Send your questions to me when you get the chance. I’d love to hear from you.My email is chris[at] aandhmag[dot]com. Happy writing, friends.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine