Letter from the Editor: Fly me to the moon

letter to the ed feb 2014
Fly Me To The Moon was one of my favorite songs growing up. Coming from someone who wanted a typewriter at the age of 10, that isn’t so hard to believe is it? I guess I’ve always wanted to escape, and fanticize about somewhere else, somewhere beyond where I was. My mind was the perfect getaway. No amount of money or time could stifle my imagination. I thought of travel (in the non-imaginary way) to be some grand thing only the privileged could do. Well, in some ways I was right. Trotting off  on a plane to Thailand at 12, then to London and Paris the year after made me lose my sense of wonder, but it also shaped my view of experiencing things thereafter. Albeit something I could not wholly grasp right away, I think back now and realize that my perception of reality is so much more vivid because I imaged these places and then saw them in person. I still remember seeing the Tuscan mountains perched over the city below. This heightened sense of purpose came over me and humbled me. It made me feel small yet important. It’s the contrast of things that I am trying to convey here, the feeling of knowing something as it relates to what it is not. In that, I realized I am only one person swallowed by the vastness of Earth, which itself is wholly reliant on the warmth and light from the sun. What of the moon then? Smaller than our planet, yet so significant.  Maybe I too am like the moon, small and distant, yet ever present and reflective of the things that illuminate me, just like the sun.


Artwork by Cameron Knight



Neil Watson

Editor At Large