Letter from the Editor: Fresh Start


There is much to be said about resolutions, mainly that they are for the resolute. This time of the year is rife with those biting off more than they can figuratively chew. Whether it is a weight loss goal, the beginning of a business endeavor, or finally getting a firm budget in place, we always benefit more by approaching ideals in manageable chunks. Disappointment occurs when expectations don’t match execution. So if you think this is your year, then treat it as such. Temper your expectations of the best by putting forth your best effort, in every task of each day.

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence. – Ovid

The quote above sums up the impact of a dedicated effort. What might seem inconsequential, as is the impression with most daily tasks, is actually a vital contributor to the grand scheme. Each piece is added sequentially and thoughtfully. After all, Rome wasn’t build in a day. And, like Rome, you’re not just building a city but a central post of an empire. If that empire is your health, that diet and exercise plan can be your Rome (and so forth). You want to be able to say: “Veni, vidi, vici”. Just realize that’ll take some time. Start strong, finish stronger.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.