Letter from the Editor: Night Wonderer

letter to th ed dreamsI’ve often wondered why we call it chasing our dreams. This thing ambitious people do while searching for the next accomplishment. But why?  Quite frankly, we’re awake while we do it… Without sounding to cryptic;  is a dream not then a manifestation of our conscious thoughts? I was no psychology major, but I did learn a thing or two about actualization and not sleeping. The two play hand in hand (really they do). You (read as I) obsess over this success thing, and making all your hard work worth something, that you forget to sleep. Funny how as a child I would avoid it like the plague, and now, as a semi-grown up, I crave it. To this day, I still stay up late into the night with no reprise to my bed. Recently, I’ve moved into the city and I now have a sidewalk in front of my building. Small and ubiquitous in urban sprawls like my neighborhood, albeit something amusing for me at least. Sidewalks are for walking, yes? Then walk I shall! At night… late, late at night. I took to walking, with no endpoint in mind, other than returning home. It seemed as if all the dreaming I was missing out on could be found in the fog around my thoughts during these late hours. Aimlessly wandering does good for the soul. It’s like walking in a dream, a really good dream. And the upside being if I did encounter some malcontent on this sidewalk of mine, I can actually run, unlike in my dream where I suddenly lack all and any motor function. So go, take a walk late at night… don’t be afraid to dream while awake.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large