Letter from the Editor: November ’12 Issue Volume 1

November is finally upon us. The weather’s changing and winter is on itss way. To be honest, though, winter is becoming one of our favorite seasons. It’s a time to spend with family, friends, and take time to reflect upon the year. Oh, and of course it’s an opportunity to break out the heavy tweeds and wool. Volume 1 of November ’12’s issue gives you a taste of what’s been on the minds of our writers for the past couple of weeks. A bit too cold for you, travel to Sydney, Australia. Looking for that extra jolt of inspiration, Kenji Summers has you covered. Oh, and we can’t forget about our new edition to the site, The A&H Journal.

This week our Fashion Director Christopher Dam stresses the importance of “#menswear” and its continuous growth. “Men and women are starting to truly appreciate genuinely crafted garments from high-skilled tailors. Hundreds of years ago they were a necessity. We take for granted what goes into our clothes and the skill labor it takes to manufacture it.”

Looking for a break from the winter? Take a trip down under to the newest boutique designer hotel in Sydney, Australia. “QT Sydney is destined to become a new landmark by reviving a rich and colorful past of theatre and retail.” Trust us, this is on our list of things to do before the end of the year.

We also sat down with the man behind Passport Life—Kenji Summers. “Once you have a passport the steps vary depending on what you want to get from the experience. Some people desire to travel with a crystal clear purpose and others like to travel lost and find themselves in the process.”

We hope you enjoy our newest edition for the month of November. Don’t forget: Any sartorial questions or comments? Send them to our Fashion Director, Chris Dam chris[at]aandhmag[dot]com.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine