Letter from the Editor: October ’12 Issue Volume 2

Beer is the perfect complement for trash talk and football on Sundays. However, what is a man to do when it comes to those wind-down moments alone? He can only take it up a notch with “the gentleman’s drink.” Whisky, that is. Art editor Tarvars Marlon breaks down how to transition with ease and offers a variety of whisky options to choose from.

No matter how many style and lifestyle magazines are out there, men will always have questions they need answered. From how-to’s to providing useful, intelligent articles on the perfect cuff length to finding the perfect dress shoe, there will be twice the amount of questions needing answers from you, the reader. That’s what we are here for. Starting now, send your questions to our style editor (Christopher Dam) and we’ll openly post your question so the A&H community can chime in. Don’t hold back. We’re looking forward to what you have to ask.

What’s dressing well without living well? Any hotel that accommodates the visitor’s smart phone, tablet, and laptop is automatically at the forefront. Let’s not forget about the doormen properly dressed in Grenson footwear. Welcome to London’s beautifully-designed South Place Hotel.

The weathered and worn boot is trustworthy and here at A&H, we truly believe every man needs a pair. The leather has to be durable. Character comes with patience, and the same can be said for a pair of new boots. Wear the hell out of them (also known as “breaking them in”) and watch as they evolve into a pair of well-worn essentials. We’ve provided a selective and stylish variety for you to choose from if you don’t own a pair already.

While the options are endless, pairing cheese with wine should be done intelligently. Here are three swift tips: 1.) Blue cheese goes well with sweet wine 2.) It’s always easier to match white wine 3.) Read the rest of the article thoughtfully and thoroughly written by our contributor Miruna Coreanu.

Welcome to Volume 2 of this October ’12 issue. Enjoy over whisky or a delightful pairing of wine and cheese.