Letter from the Editor: October Issue Volume 1

menswear,art,style,mens fashion,October will be a special month here at A&H. As we continue to plan around strategic branding and providing you (the reader) with useful, action-provoking content, we’ve decided to update twice a month.

Volume 1 of 2 of October’s issue is a unique one. Here at A&H, we don’t want to be experts on providing “how to” guides and coming off as demanding our readers on what they should include in their closets and what restaurants they should spend their hard-earned money at. We aim to take a more subtle, thoughtful approach of providing useful information and politely recommending our favorite shops, destinations, and advice—and of course, introducing you to our friends (via The People Series) and the occasional beauty.

What does it mean to be a man in today’s society? Some of you may think brawn and the ability to lead and dictate. We’d like to encourage you to refresh your thinking and have a view of contributing writer Samuel Umachi’s article on his reflections of a life yet lived. Another noteworthy subject we were compelled to touch on was the idea of women shopping for their significant other. We firmly believe her wanting to put you in the latest skinny jeans (that may look good on Ryan Gosling) won’t do the trick. Fortunately, taking the time to build a solid foundation around the basics (which can take a month or a year—depending on disposable income) can be the beginning of dressing like the distinguished gentleman you are. Heading into fall, one basic essential we can recommend is the perfect layering piece: the cardigan.

Two weeks ago, I had the delightful pleasure of representing our publication at a pies-themed cooking class at Haven’s Kitchen’s in-house facility hosted by Ashton Keefe. It was without a doubt my most memorable moment in New York City to date. Heading out with my seasonal pie, I spotted a neatly-packaged bundle of marshmallows by a husband-and-wife-ran company Whimsy & Spice. Being the curious individual I am, I immediately reached out to them in order to include them in this volume.

There’s other aspects of this volume you will hopefully come to appreciate (my interview with artistic phenomenon Sergei Sviatchenko) and the chat one of our editors had with menswear brand Rose & Born. We always aim to get to know the driving minds behind “passion projects.”

A&H is a “passion project” in itself; every contributor—whether an editor, photographer, writer, or graphic artist—tells you something about themselves through their work. Every issue and volume, we will continuously aim to please you and let you in on what we deem the “fulfilled life.” Our style editor recently walked into his friend’s apartment and saw a piece of Sammo art hanging on the wall. He found out about Sammo through our interview with her. This made the team very happy…knowing that we could be of service. We encourage travel. We encourage memorable dining experiences. We encourage taking what life gives and cherishing every moment. Most importantly, we encourage you to take action. On behalf of the A&H team, we hope you enjoy volume 1 of this October issue.