Letter From The Editor – Office Watercoolers

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What do you do at the office? Do you even work in one? It doesn’t matter because social gossiping can pretty much be done anywhere. Oh, you’re a budding writer, so Starbucks is the gathering spot, isn’t it? Don’t lie, we all love some good gossip. Whether  it be about people you know or people you think you know, we need and crave a story. I mean, look at the tabloid industry, it’s worth a couple billion at this point, right? We seem so fixated on discovering what’s new about everyone else and yet, in this  very action we lose sight of ourselves. Well, not to be to cryptic or anything, but seriously think about the last time you thought about yourself, and NOT in relation to someone else. Truly think about who you are, not whether the next outfit, thing you say or place you decide to visit will be judged. It’s like the incessant need to update your Instagram with the next selfie has become a normalized cry for approval and attention. I get it, hell, I use it to my advantage. It’s nice to know 900 some odd people follow me. But, I’m not clinging to every like as an approval of my self worth. Standing around like every other putts at the train station, head in palms as if praying to the high and mighty for fame and money…nope, you’re just updating Twitter. Let’s step back and let’s gossip the old fashion way and stop relegating your smart phone to the heights of water cooler gathering status. Instead, try gathering around one for a cool refreshing beverage and conversation. At least there you can really tell if someone is judging you, and not take a wild stab at it.

-Neil Watson



Neil Watson

Editor At Large