Manhattan Time Service – Luxury Watch Repair

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Luxury watches are the ultimate in status symbols and, if you’re donning a IWC, Breitling, TAG Heuer or Rolex, you will have laid out thousands of dollars on the piece and, resultantly, will expect the watch to last a lifetime. Such is the quality of craftsmanship of these exemplary watch brands, chances are that it will last a lifetime but, as we’re all well aware, there’s no accounting for accidents. A shattered face, damaged strap, scratches are all mishaps that can befall a luxury watch and the inevitable sinking feeling that accompanies this damage need only be fleeting courtesy of watch repair specialists like Manhattan Time Service.

The art of fixing high-end luxury watches is almost of complex of crafting them in the first place because of the intricate mechanisms that are the beating heart beneath the surface. It is for this reason that you need to find a specialist in watch repair should you suffer the misfortune of damaging your luxury watch and, for Manhattanites, this specialist is invariably that of Manhattan Time Service.

This family run business has been in the business of fixing shattered dreams (or, indeed, shattered luxury watches) for over 30 years since their business began in 1978. There isn’t a brand of luxury timepiece which they haven’t encountered and fixed in this time and there are thousands of thankful New Yorkers who have had their Rolex, Breitling or IWC returned to its former glory under their watchful eye and careful hand.

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There are few joys more satisfying than passing on a meaningful item as an heirloom to a child and many men buy a luxury watch to pass onto a future generation because few items hold their value better than a luxury timepiece. But, given the amount of time which a man will inevitable keep hold of a Rolex, Breitling or IWC, it is more or less inevitable that damage will transpire at one time or another so it is important to know where to go when this does happen.

For those in New York, Manhattan Time Service has been one of the most reputable and respected names in the luxury watch repair industry for over a quarter of a century now and this truly is testament to the dedication to perfection of the father / son team at this 5th Avenue specialist.

For more information about the work carried out by these New York watch repair specialists, head over to the Manhattan Time Service website.