Manuel Racim: True to Form

Friends for over a decade, Manuel Guardiola and Racim Allouani thought of no better partnership to cement their imprint in custom shirting. Opening in Tribeca earlier this year, the brick and mortar lends to traditional appeal while adding the millennial experience, with in-house fittings from an extremely knowledgeable staff and an interactive display to complete your order specifications. Boasting a wide array of cottons, colors, Manuel Racimcollars, and cuffs, MR provides a premium bespoke service at a comfortable price point, with shirts ranging from $125 to $295. The shop displays a selection of 200 high-grade fabrics on rotating panels throughout the store, of which you can cycle through via remote control. After carefully selecting a fabric, clients are directed to a digital touch-screen portal, which doubles as a mirror, to consolidate their design choices directly from the website.

Both Manuel and Racim would do their ready-to-wear shopping from the same fashion houses in Paris and when they discovered the common thread, they determined to go right to the source. Now that very same atelier, with over thirty years in exclusive shirt making expertise, supplies this shop as well. The co-founders sought to bridge a gap. “After years of purchasing custom shirts in both Europe and America, we saw a void in the industry, and developed a non-traditional way to integrate both e-commerce and brick and mortar into our company foundation,” says Manuel. “We are thrilled to introduce our made-to-measure shirts to the New York market, and further reinforce the brand as a staple in the menswear retail industry.” European luxury with local convenience, MR blends the best of both worlds at a New York pace. With about a 2-week turnaround time, you get what you want when you need it. And, as always, proper fit is the premium.

Manuel Racim 8Thankful for my foresight at the time, as a wintry chill is now sweeping over the city, I selected one of their heavier weight seasonal cottons. A denim shirt complete with a club collar, single button barrel cuffs, personalized block monogramming, and a floral print accent inside the collar and cuffs, I’m extremely pleased with the finished product. And, like any work of art, you have to engage it to be truly appreciative. “We specialize in one thing and we do it well,” says Racim. If you’re in town or heading here, do yourself a favor and make an appointment at 44 Hudson.

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Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.