Matthew Miller The Sunflower Man

sunflower man

Sunflower Man is a funny name and has had numerous iterations over the years. It really began as a summer camp identity in my early 10’s. Somehow it held on through the years and subtly bonded itself to my reality. I have been pleasantly surprised at the magnificent response people have had to the name and I am proud to carry the name Sunflower Man.

I have an awful memory and yet I cannot imagine a time when I would not have been drawing or painting or creating in some form or another. Creating something is not the only substance of an artist though, I hope that I am an artist. Life is artistry and somehow it is that way in spite of ourselves at times. If I were to look at you and the people around me I can see the beauty that is life. I want to be able to consciously and deliberately deliver that art in everything I do, I am not clear if I am there yet.936887_525897660785128_685457606_n

The opportunity to share what I learn and what I do is too great to pass up. Neck Ties: A Brief History is simply the first installment of many to follow that share a bit of history and knowledge about menswear and highlights it through exemplary illustrations. Hopefully the hand-crafted and carefully designed book is something that can be enjoyed for the physical and visual beauty as well as the bits of information tucked inside.

Now the Sunflower man is getting married and leaving Atlanta for a new journey. The next booklet, being released in July is a focus on the history of the Jacket, and I am always looking for great clients to work with to create beautiful things.

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